Monday, August 19, 2013

Painting Reproduction for Michael Eoannou

Things have been pretty busy over here this summer at the Painted Pixel.  I recently got to work with an artist named Michael Eoannou.  He had me scan his original painting and print it on canvas at the same size.  I thought it turned out pretty amazing so I wanted to share a picture of the print and the original side by side.

The reproduction and the original.  Reproduction is on the left.

The scan was done at 350 dpi at a cost of $20.  The CD with the print file is included in that price.  The 16 x 20 inch canvas print was $52.44.  That price includes a post-printing glossy veneer to enhance and preserve the image.  Stretching the canvas onto bars was $18 for a total of $97.22 including tax.  If you are an artist who would like to sell an original and still be able to sell reproductions or just some smaller prints check out my website for more information: